Martin Guitars
Simply one of the best in the business. Chuck has been using a Martin MC 38 guitar since 1982!!

Taylor Guitars

Great for a variety of open tunings. You’ll hear an awful lot of Chuck’s Taylor 710 on Heart On A String.

Mossman Guitars

Chuck has been playing his Mossman Tennessee Flattop 12 string for 25 years. A great instrument, a remarkable sound! Check these guys out – you’ll always find unsurpassed quality here.

Bonnie Eaver

Besides being a great author and poet, Bonnie is Chuck’s favorite writing (and life) partner. Check out her book Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That – yep – same title as the song. Bonnie wrote the lyrics to the song on Heart on a String and the song is an important part of her book. She also co-wrote the lyrics to Marys and Earls which is taken from a poem of the same title based on the lives of her grandparents.

Mark Dearnley

Mark is simply the best recording sound mixer in the business! He has mixed for the likes of Ozzie and Paul McCartney… and Chuck Keiper! Check out his site – heck- hire him! You’ll love what he does!

Tony Packo’s

You got it – the world famous hot dog shop often remembered so fondly by Corporal Maxwell Klinger of MASH (Chuck’s favorite tv show). If you’ve never been there you’re in for a treat. You can get a lot of neat stuff right over the net. The dogs are great, but the hot pickles are simply dee-licious!

MASH 4077

Need we say more…Check out the whole crazy cast of the true tv classic!

All Music

A really cool site where you can find out all kinds of music info from the well known to the trivial.

Cleveland Indians

Of all the games we play baseball remains the true American classic. The Indians have been Chuck’s favorite since birth – ok, a northeast Ohio background brings with it a certain predisposition. There is nothing, but nothing, like a winning Tribe season!


Check out Dave Sacchinni’s Kent, Ohio studio. Dave has a gift of patience and a great ear! He also has spun some great songs of his own. Ask him about the Massive Hotdog Recall Band – a must hear for all spaghetti western fans!

Camp McIntosh

When he’s not writing songs, performing, working, raising kids or volunteering, Chuck’s favorite past-time is wetting a line. Nestled on the banks of the French River in the gorgeous Georgian Bay, Camp McIntosh is, arguably, Chuck’s favorite place on the planet. “If you haven’t reeled in a huge walleye in the middle of the night at the Dallus Rapids while the northern lights pound the sky, you simply haven’t been livin’ right”!!

Mike’s Restaurant

There is no more eclectic, cool, eccentric, greasy-great food place on the face of the earth than Mike’s Place. Eat in the castle, eat in the bus, marvel at the x-wing, eat, drink, and hear live music! Be sure to check out American Steal, the Mike’s Place house band – yep – Mike is a performer, too! You’re gonna love this place!

Thurman Guitar

Roger Thurman has been repairing Chuck’s guitars since the 70’s. He recently was awarded an international patent on a new guitar style. Called the “Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Port” you simply have got to see it! But you ain’t heard nothin’ until you hear one of these amazing instruments. The design takes advantage of the natural physics of the guitar to allow sound projecting at an all new level. From a guitarist’s perspective; you can finally hear each and every note you’re producing! Truly remarkable!!

Livingston Taylor

A great songwriter, a great friend. Check out his schedule and get out and see him!!

Duct Tape

Show us a working musicians’ gig bag and we’ll show you a roll of duct tape. Versatile, inexpensive, and available in a rainbow of colors; will they ever stop inventing new uses for this stuff??

Evil Overlord

Ya gotta respect anyone who knows exactly what they’d do if they ruled the world! This is some very funny, and very sensible, stuff!

Woodsy’s Music
Chuck’s favorite music store. A great selection of wood guitars and all the accoutrements! Paul, Dave and the whole gang are also experts in mixing live sound. In fact, they can be seen in venues throughout Ohio making performers of all genres sound great! Check ‘em out.

Harry Chapin

Harry was a remarkable man who created remarkable music and gave of himself in remarkable ways. Check out his legacy and be sure to get involved in the fight to wipe out hunger. There has simply never been a reason for people to go to bed hungry in the greatest nation on the planet!

Fishman Products

These guys make the best systems for blending guitars. The Fishman Acoustic Blender and the Fishman Pocket Blender should be in every serious musicians gear bag!

James Taylor

What else needs to be said? A true American icon and an inspiration to a generation of guitar players and songwriters.

Emerald Studios

Check out the studio where most of “Heart On A String” was recorded. A great place with great staff!

Little Rascals

We all grew up with Hal Roach and the gang. Check out this cool site; a bit of background and cool links to buy Gang videos. When you see Chuck ask him about his night on the town with Spanky!!

Bridgids Cross

Pauly B and the group are an Irish music tradition in Northeast Ohio and across the country. Paul’s magic fiddle and larger than life delivery have been captivating audiences everywhere they go. You won’t want to miss these guys!!


Just a cool little site we thought you might enjoy!

Joni Mitchell

Joni is still writing, performing, and painting. If you haven’t had the chance to hear her lately you’re cheating yourself.

CD Baby

Probably the coolest internet cd store in the world! Lots of independent music, always new things to hear, and always first class service. You’ll change the way you listen to and buy music!!


A cool anime site that we simply couldn’t go without mentioning!

Kent Stage

An old movie theater turned into world class music venue. Tom and the gang are always bringing in great talenet and there’s never a bad seat in the house. Do yourself a favor and get there…. hurry!!