World-class song writer. World-class musicians. World-class producer. ...A smokey, calypso, heart-soaring, musical experience. Enjoy Chuck Keiper. Enjoy Heart on a String.




This is the recording that caught Bob Johnston’s ear and brought his formidable focus to Chuck Keiper. A simple collection of Chuck’s work, “Bare Bones” is simply that – bare guitar and vocal work. Hear many of the songs from “Heart on a String” in their original form – beautifully unproduced, raw, and powerful! This album contains Chuck’s ode to heartfelt stalkers everywhere (written, we might add, at the insistence of his daughter!), “Epoxy Love”. Get your copy today!!




Chuck has perfomed with a variety of traditional Irish bands for over two decades. This album was recorded by the formidable Green Blossom Special and contains some of the hottest fiddle work you’ll ever hear. A great band, great performances, a great way to hear another side of Chuck’s music!




Yep – same title as the song. Besides being a great author and poet, Bonnie is Chuck’s favorite writing (and life) partner. Check out her book Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That. Bonnie wrote the lyrics to the song on Heart on a String and the song is an important part of her book. She also co-wrote the lyrics to Marys and Earls which is taken from a poem of the same title based on the lives of her grandparents.






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